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We provide multiple logistic solutions with focus in the Oil, Gas, Mining and Project industries.



Riverside Cargo SRL, offers the best choice for your shipments by air, using major international companies with warehouses; we also operate charter flights, manage of packages and deconsolidation Express for both import and export operations as required by the customer.

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Riverside Cargo SRL is composed of a team with extensive experience in the industry, offering customers a more personalized service and the most competitive prices in the market. We realize shipments Fcl (Full Container Load) y Lcl (Less Container Load).

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Integrating this service with our transportation transport, you will be able to optimize costs effectively and seamlessly


Ata Logistics Argentina can provide international cargo transportation from your deposit to the deposit of the buyer to the country that you need, because we have representatives to handle their loads.


We offers the possibility of insurance of the container or goods as requested by the client, so the client does not assume the risk that the merchandise is damaged, theft, etc.


Our wide experience guarantees quality service, punctuality, and traceability for your perishable shipments like fruits, seafood, beef etc.



At Riverside Cargo SRL we have historically specialized in project cargo handling, gathering all the appropriate technical and safety skills.


Some of the industries our company focuses on are oil and gas, mining, energy and EPC.



We have our warehouses in Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Salta, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Yacuiba, Belo Horizonte, Amsterdam, Montevideo, Hamburg.

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