Our Storage

Our Storage Facilities

  • Handling of loads in authorized warehouses covered with closed security.
  • Consolidated and deconsolidated containers.
  • Assembly of orders.
  • Merchandise storage.
  • Pre-shipment control.
  • Fractioning and grouping of loads.
  • Picking and packing.
  • Merchandise labeling.
  • Handling of Ro/Ro and special cargo.

Miami, USA

  • Warehouse in Doral strategically located for handling air and sea cargo authorized by the US Government.
  • Systematized computer controls of merchandise and tracking.
  • Wholesale freight contracting.
  • Management and management of international removals.

Montevideo, Uruguay

  • Logistics operations under the Free Port regime.
  • Merchandise transit and regional distribution.
  • Unlimited redirection of loads.
  • Trading of purchase/sales operations off-shore.

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